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How To Choose The Best College Essay To Work With?

Writing essays may seem mundane and daunting at times but you can make it a lot more interesting and easier if you focus on a primary aspect of writing an essay – choosing the topic. Even when the topic is given, you can choose the approach you are going to take. Here are certain points you should consider while selecting the topic or an approach.

  • Select according to your interest
  • Think about a topic which is interesting to you.

    1. The readers can always make the difference when you write an essay on a subject that interests you.
    2. If the topic is given to you then you can always select to write on that aspect of the topic which interests you.

  • Select according to your knowledge
  • Think about a topic you know

    1. You can incorporate firsthand knowledge, personal experiences and the paper would definitely be more readable.
    2. An unknown topic would mean that you have to know about the topic first. There you will be basing your writing on second hand or borrowed information.
    3. Selecting a topic you know would also mean less research, less effort and less time spent to write the essay.

  • Look around
  • There might be a situation where you have a creative block and don’t know what to select.

    1. Shut off from the task and focus on something else like ‘life around you’.
    2. There is a high probability that you will find something from the ordinary that can lead an intriguing topic.

  • Ask someone
  • If there are a number of subjects that are interesting to you, then you can ask someone’s advice. Ask your teacher, friend or family member - anyone whose opinion matters to you.

  • Research to select
  • Do your own research to select - explore your institute library or the internet or even the local newspaper.

    1. Select on the basis of popular interest; you can choose a very contemporary issue or something which has renewed relevance.
    2. The shocking nature of your subject can make it interesting.

  • Select practically
  • Select your topic considering the practical aspects. Some of the important ones are -

    1. The deadline of submission.
    2. The research ability of the topic.
    3. The amount of resources available to you

Whichever method you opt for selecting your essay topic, you need to apply yourself and think hard to make it catchy and interesting. After all the best college essay has to have a topic which will lure the reader into the rest of the article.


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